Transforming Your Little One to Big School Ready

As parents, we are always anxious about our child’s first day in a ‘big’ school. We are eager to watch our little one ready to start another new phase in their lives. 

If you are thinking to enroll your child in primary school next year, then you must think whether your child is school-ready. Being the parents, it is our responsibility to make our child school-ready. The first day of school is a huge milestone and can be quite daunting. It is that day when our little ones start to spread their wings.

However, along with the day, there comes a lot of apprehensions, questions, and fears. We understand that this change can be a little stressful. Although these apprehensions are very normal, it is also important to understand and believe that your little one will be fine. Soon, you will look back at these days with a smile, wondering how beautifully you managed to transition them to a ‘big school ready’.

Here, we are going to discuss some tips that will help ease this process for you and your little one:

Consider Enrolling Your Child in Early Education and Care 

There can’t be any ideal or perfect schools for your little one. Every child is different in many ways whether it is understanding, learning, or any other. Any particular teaching methodology might work for one and it might not work for the other. Important thing is to ensure that you have the right child-school-parent fit that works for both you and your child as well. Once you have narrowed down on that and gained enough confidence that they will be well looked after and cared for there, half the battle has been won.

Have Conversation with Your Child in a Cheerful Way about School

  • Books are one of the best ways for your child to become familiar with the idea of school. Spend time reading a book with your child regularly during the weeks before enrolling into the school, so that they can get a chance to ask questions and become comfortable with the school. 
  • Along with that it is also very important to encourage your little one to have conversations with you – ask questions to them, listen to their answers, and encourage them to talk about what they think and feel so they can express themselves with new friends and teachers.

Start preparing your little one

An excellent way to ensure that your child is aware of how different schools will be as compared to the preschool that they are used to is to start talking to them about ‘big’ school.

  • Keep the lines of communication open at all times and try to talk as much as you can.
  • Encourage positive or appropriate behavior and tell them the stories from your school experiences and how much fun you had while at school.
  • Talk about school as a ‘happy and beautiful place’. Positive and cheerful thoughts are the best way to go.
  • Try not to overwhelm them with too much information and encourage laughing and giggling. It is such a great way to release any form of nervousness and anxiety.
  • One important to teach them is to take care of their things and also help your child to use the toilet independently.

Set up the Morning Routines 

You need to set up the morning routines which will help your child go to sleep and wake in time to get ready for the school.

  • Try to wake your little one up with a lot of time in hand, so that you can comfortably get them ready for school with a few minutes to spare as well.
  • Try to avoid any delays by getting all your information on school timings and bus pickups.
  • Make sure your little one has had a good breakfast. An empty stomach will not help in any way.
  • Keep patience as you little will take some time to get used to the new school routine and timings.

The Day has Finally Arrived

  • Your little one has been fed, her bag is packed and she is all excited and ready for school. Now, you need to be calm and make sure you put on a happy face even though you may be very anxious. Children are very conscious about emotions and can easily sense if their parents are worried.
  • Give your little one a big, warm hug and a kiss and say them goodbye without tears and tantrums that will help the day get off to a good start. Make sure you tell them that you will be excited and waiting for them to finish their big day.
  • Trust that your little one will be happy in their new school in a couple of days.

Talk with Your Little One

Once your little one has been settled in her big school, it is also equally important to create an environment at home so your child can feel comfortable enough to share everything with you that happens during their day. From the exciting things that they learn to friends that they make to even the moments where they were not happy, making sure your little one has an open and honest conversation with you about their new school. This will also help to build a strong parent and child relationship that will last for years to come.

Moving your child to a ‘big school’ is not an easy task and can be quite challenging for both you and your little one. However, remember that within a couple of months, everything will be back to normal and regular routines would be in place. Till then, have faith in your little one, enjoy these new experiences and every moment of it.