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Chanda Mama: Play, Learn & Enjoy: By VlogIt Gurgaon

We Millennials and Gen Z’s grew up with seizing heartbeat death stares and fully loaded not-so cheesy but spicy taunts. But will that work for kids born in Alpha generation? Nope. That’s why we need centers like ‘Chanda Mama‘, a 4000 Sq.ft center for kids up to 12yrs.

Chanda Mama is as convenient as parents dropping their kids for either 60 mins or even for 8hrs a day. It’s circumferenced with a noise-free and safe residential area. From a safety perspective, it won’t leave parents in peels of curiosity because it does have CCTVs and air purifiers as well.

Poojashree Somani, a Mompreneur and Founder of Chanda Mama Centre will leave you shell-shocked if she were to tell you that how the center started on 9th June 2019 and has been burgeoning with happy kids and cheerful shrieks since then.

Chanda Mama Main Services

There are countless services that this center offers from enhancing your kid’s motor skills to audio-visual abilities.
-Art and Craft
-Outdoor Gardening
-Puppet Show
-Magic Shows
-Kid Talks on cognition building topics like Environment, Culture, Etiquettes.

Chanda Mama USPs

Ms. Pooja Shree Somani has undoubtedly invested a lot in terms of providing the best of whatsoever related to the Chanda Mama. Rooms have been allocated on different floors so it’s not like you end up with your kid in some dingy and cramped up room.
-Soft Play area
-Art and Painting Room
-Role Play Room
-Room for Shows
-Physical Activities Room
-Catering Services for occasions like Birthdays, Baby showers, Festivals as well.
-Power Backup
-It can be booked as a party lawn or for workshop purposes as well.

What’s more endearing is themed room decorations by teachers and facilities for parents like the lounge and café. When it comes to cuisines(all veg) they have left no stone unturned in terms of variety-Indian, Chinese, Italian, North-western frontier, Continental. Space capacity up to 80.

Payment is per Activity-based i.e Rs.100/-

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Chanda Mama Locality

Ride Uber/Ola with approx charges being from Rs. 190 to Rs. to Rs. 390.
Or pave your way to Yellow line (Shalimar Huda City Centre) exit from Gate no. 2 take a bus to Samaspur T-Point a 20 min walk following the Dharam Marg route or just take an E-rickshaw.

Chanda Mama Contact

Give a call on – 9821250564
Email at –
Timings: 11 am to 8 pm

Chanda Mama FAQs

What are the services available for kids? 

There are numerous activities that your kid can indulge in like- Art and Craft, Zumba, Role Plays, Play Dates, Puppet Shows, discussions on general topics, Café, Library, Soft-Spoken Nannies, Safe and Noise-free environment, cuisines (home-made).

What are the charges at Chanda Mama?

The payment can be made through cash/credit card. The cost is dependent on how many activities your kid would want to indulge in i.e Rs 100/- per activity. Sometimes the cost depends on an hourly basis during special festivity/occasion-based events as well so it will be best to pre-plan a day before by contacting the centre.

*There might be separate charges for food.

Does Chanda Mama have academic collaborations as well? 

Yes, Chanda Mama does have academic collaborations with its nearby schools as well. They hold interactive workshops and storytelling sessions for kids in the respective schools. The most recent collab was Ryan International School, Sohna Road.

Do they hold workshops for parents as well? 

When it comes to workshops this aspect is a major asset of Chanda Mama because homemakers can indulge themselves in creative and worthwhile How-To workshops and Social, Personal, Emotional, Cognitive Skill development workshops as well.