My Story: Why I Started Chanda Mama

I have the privilege of being a mother of two amazing daughters. And, like every parent, I hope and pray and do my best to ensure that they grow up to become confident and happy individuals.

My husband and I try to do what all parents are doing: Good Schools, extracurricular classes, best medical care, good company of friends, spending quality time with them – things that all contribute to the healthy growth of our kids. Schools are doing amazing work with holistic curriculum (academics, arts, sports) and societies provide a very nice environment for developing social skills.

I am generally happy with how kids are growing, but there are some things that I felt are missing from when I was young:

  • Listening to stories and lessons of wisdom from grandparents
  • Listening to parents talk about current affairs / society (and trying to give my kiddo views)
  • There was really no screen (even TV had limited channels), so time was spent on coloring, kite flying, hop-scotch, reading, making paper boats, paper planes
  • I had time for friends: learning & reciting & discussing things (stories, jokes…)
  • And Festivals were a really really big thing: preparing for them (& negotiating with mom dad for goodies) before the festival, celebrating it with all fanfare and discussing it for days after it ended.

Obviously I never thought of all of these as education when I was growing up, but I now realize that they were at the core of my social awareness and value systems. And these age old / traditional ways of learning are what I feel my kids are missing. I have fully accepted the modern life and appreciate the positives of technology, but they have come at the price of the traditional methods. Chanda Mama is a small effort towards reclaiming that impressionable childhood that loves to explores, learns by doing, imagines and celebrates with full heart.

So how do we build an environment where kids learn about important and yet complicated aspects like Values, Culture, Morals, Current affairs, Society, Creative Arts & Health? How do we do that so kids don’t feel that they are going to a ‘class’ or ‘school’? The answer was staring in my face: “Play Area”

Like any other mother of kids in this age group, I have had my fair share of visits to Play Areas on birthday parties & play dates. I have probably made more than 30-40 visits in the last 1 year. The amazing thing about these places is that, each and every time my babies are excited about going to these places and come back very happy. They give an outlet to the energy of the kids and help them meet their friends in a fun environment.

Out of this came the idea of Chanda Mama: Kids Play Area & Learning Center. If we can generate the excitement of a play area and still manage to give important learning to the children, then we have succeeded in our goal.  Chanda Mama is where Kids Come to Have Fun and Go Back with Some Learning. A place where our young adults can make things (like painting, clay models), do physical activities (like dance, yoga), see things that trigger their imagination (puppet, magic shows, role plays), listen & learn about our world (environment, animal welfare, inspirational personalities), read, and celebrate (birthday parties, festivals).

We will keep on making the activities more and more relevant while ensuring the ‘fun’ element. We hope to build a community of parents and look forward to your visit, participation and feedback in this endeavor.

Mom of Kalash & Mishika and Promoter of Chanda Mama


  • Play & Learn Area: Kids come have fun in the Play Area and Do activities like painting, art&craft, dance, cooking.
  • Day Care & Classes: Day Care center from 8 am to 8pm for toddlers and after school till 8pm for school going children (Mon-Fri).
  • Birthday Parties: Birthday parties for kids celebrated with lots of fanfare at Chanda Mama. We also organize kids birthday parties at your location.
  • Events & Celebrations: Workshops for children, Exhibitions and Celebrations of cultural events & festivals is a regular part of Chanda Mama activities.


  • Our center is located at the main road on Sector 57 next to Chalk Tree Global School.
  • We have a total area of 4000 sq feet including open garden & play zone, various activity rooms (1st floor), soft play area, ball pool, sand pits, trampoline, photo studio, parents & children lounges with lots of board games & activities. Entire area is covered with CCTV and the indoors have air purifiers..