Chanda Mama

Chanda Mama is a place where Children can come to have Fun. They will have a Lot of Fun but, without them even knowing it , they will Learn a Lot of Good Things. Parents can bring their kids, stay with them or leave them in our care, for a durations as short as 60 minutes to as long as 8 hours in a day. We have designed the activities to ensure that children will do meaningful things in even the shortest durations, while all the time enjoying in a safe environment.

Chanda Mama is a Play Area and Learning Center in Gurgaon for kids upto 12 years of age. It is a large center with dedicated areas and teachers for Activities divided into Making (Art & Craft, Painting, Clay Modeling, Outdoor Gardening…), Doing (Soft Play Area, Yoga, Zumba, Role Play…), Seeing (Stories, Puppet Shows, Magic Shows, Reading…), Listening (Kid Talks on relevant topics Environment, Culture, Etiquettes…) and Celebrating (Birthdays, Cultural Festivals, National Days…).

Our team includes Qualified Teachers and support staff with comfortable Children to staff ratio.

Our facilities include indoor Soft Play Area, an Open Garden play area, Art Room, Painting Room, Role Play room, Room for Shows, Library, Physical Activities room, Photo Studio, Lounge and Café. The facility is covered with CCTV and all areas are kids friendly from a safety perspective.

We welcome you to bring your children to have the Chanda Mama experience.